Marine waste on vessels effectively managed and controlled

Gone are the days of annoying odours and infection risks resulting from waste on vessels that cannot be disposed for days or weeks, because cruising does not lead to a harbour with appropriate facilities for waste disposal. The innovative MARI)(naut vacuum system enables all kind of regular waste on a vessel to be effectively isolated and disposed for days or weeks.

Passengers and crew members will all benefit from a clean and pleasant environment on the superyacht or any vessel.

With the MARI)(naut vacuum system for marine use you will see:

  • Elimination of odours and germs
  • Safe storage and transportation on the vessel
  • Benefits to the environment
  • Protection for crew and passengers

The MARI)(naut vacuum system sets the high standard benchmark for the disposal of regular and contaminated waste on the vessel.

Once the system is installed this modern high-performance system seals the waste material, while the hygiene filter prevents odours and germs from escaping. The living and working environment remains unpolluted, clean and odourless.

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Award International Superyacht Society: Excellence in Innovation

MARInaut - Marine Waste Disposal System Inkonaut